A Study in Grief...

I have to say that this is hard to deal with for a million reasons,
not the least of which that it was playing when you died.
On some level we both did know that we didn't have that much time left,
which was why we were both so pissed off about stolen time.
I never wanted to change you,
I saw you for who you really were, no one else did.
I loved that soul, part of my soul,
and only wanted to protect you
from the venom and lies that had surrounded you.
The reverse was also true.
No one my whole life saw beauty in me the way you did,
I was never more myself than when I was with you.
And if I was beautiful, it was because you brought out the best in me,
together was the only time we were ever really alive.

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We didn't have that much time You my angel Serious

"...he knew the one great trick that she couldn't do,
and how she would fall in love with him every minute,
every second, over and over again, for the rest of her life.

And his lifeless body grows cold...
unaware of her kiss,
ripped from her soul and ordered to her lips as a final act,
to bring to conclusion the hours she has spent at the window,
watching his dead eyes watch the ceiling,
and to give her a way to touch him
beyond shutting those eyes;
unaware of her eyes, at first wet,
but then drying and remaining dry,
even as the whimpers begin to rise from her throat..."

-John O'Brien 1960-1994

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