Grief & the Decent into Madness

This is a work in progress, and not an easy one at that, but it will be completed soon.
It is amazing to me the things that run through your head in the instant of loss,
and then the drawn out grief that follows...
Some things happen in slow motion, some things take on an air of non-reality.
Some scenes play over and over again in your head, whether it be the actual event,
or ways you wish you could change it, or representations of it.
That would be some of what follows, either realistic representations of grief, or weird coincidences....

I haven't written any of the text to this yet, cause I've had to move it three times, trying to find servers that will host windows media files. I still can't find a free server that will let me embed media players, which is what I'd prefer, but for now this will have to do. As soon as the files are uploaded, I'll start writing the text for it.

The Crow
Madness & Grief
The Crow
Pain & Release
Lethal Weapon The Abyss
The reason I'm still alive
Pet Semetary
Ransom Romeo & Juliet City of Angels
Seven Fisher King Like Water For Chocolate
Leaving Las Vegas
Still your angel...
The Fugitive Starman Devil's Advocate
The Mothman Prophecies
I miss you so much...
The Vanishing True Romance
"Sweetie don't die!"

Without You
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