The Crow

How many times did I catch you
watching me like this?
Too many to count.

No Coincidences...
We couldn't stand to be away from each other,
you'd em-mail me or call me at least 3 times a day
while you were at work. I'd wait on the balcony,
or the window, counting the seconds
when you'd come walking up.

When I'd catch you looking at me,
you'd always say,
"God, you're beautiful."
Sometimes when you didn't even think
I was listening or could hear you.

After my emergency surgery,
when I was in the hospital for a week,
the week after you died,
one night there was that horrible storm.
It was 2 AM, and trees were getting blown down,
windows were rattling,
horrible thunder and lightning,
(you know how I always needed you in the thunder).
The wierd thing was no one else woke up,
no one around, not nurses or anybody.
I knew you were there though,
I knew you were around the corner
outside of my hospital room.
I knew it as sure as I knew I was there
and that it was storming outside.
I could feel you there,
and I knew you were leaning up against
the wall with your hands in your pockets.
I could see you perfectly in my mind.
I knew it so much, that I climbed out of bed,
dragging the whole IV contraption with me
and walked out in the hall.
I couldn't actually see you,
which surprised me,
but I knew you were there just the same.
And I wasn't scared anymore,
the way I wouldn't be scared anymore
when we used to watch the storms.
I drug myself and that IV down to the window
and we watched the storm together that night.
The no coincidence here is,
that months later when I got this book back,
the picture of him leaning up against the wall
is exactly the same as how
I saw you in my mind that night.
It shocked me so much
that it almost took my breath away.

The last odd thing is
that you bought me a blade just like this one
about a month before you died.

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Background and images from 'The Crow'
by James O'Barr

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